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A challenge to lovers of unusual openings

A challenge to lovers of unusual openings

As you probably know, I have written quite a bit about unusual openings. A while ago John Watson and I collaborated on a very popular book, the Big Book of Busts.b, which dealt with unusual opening strategies. Well, we are at it again. So we invite all of you who love unusual openings to present us with your favorite unusual openings in the comments so that John and I can make sure they are included in our new effort. The openings don't have to be terribly radical but simply openings which are not usually seen in professional competitive play. This book is for amateurs mostly with low ratings. We're not going to get into a lot of deep analysis, we're simply going to give one or two lines and those who are interested can pursue the openings in other books or in online databases. This book will be an e+ eplus-book. We may publish a normal book at some point in the future. We invite all of your comments and suggestions.

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