A hungarian game from 2003

A hungarian game from 2003

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As stated in title, two hungarian players were fighting during the CAP D'AGDE in 2003, which was an unofficial rapid world championship. The world's best 12 players were invited to take participation, and 11 of them accepted the invitation.

In the group A there was an outstanding chess player named Kramnyik Vlagyimir. (Russia has excellent players, hasn't it?)

Having a look at the second group: another great player Anand Visvanatan from India had to battle with gamers from my country.

(The final match was between Kramnyik and Anand; Anand won the cup.) 

As you may see during this match, hungarian people have such an aggressive playing style. Smile In order to get rid of the enemy as soon as possible, every step contcentrates on destroying opponent defense, clearing ways and diagonals, etc.

After a bit warming up, the real game began. Black had hard times dealing with the white queen, but made a good response with accordition to her plan. (Yes, the black player is a woman.)

However, the best hungarian player was slightly faster, and forced black to resign.

I hope you enjoy this game, other matches might be presented soon.