A Key Moment in my Career

A Key Moment in my Career‎

GM Julio_Becerra
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Toward the end of a tournament, a player is frequently in the situation where he must win at all cost; then he faces the task of putting together all his knowledge, abilities, and nerves. I have had this situation on several occasions, but none of as much importance and transcendency as my game with Hikaru Nakamura in the last round of the United States Championship of 2007, where I was obliged to win-- as black! My only encouragement was that when you face a player like Nakamura who always plays to win!, your possibilities of success increase.

Here I came to a critical position. It is very hard to calculate how black should continue, but a very good exercise for you to try.

Black's initiative has been maintained, and so has white's extra pawn. Which do you think is more valuable now, and how would you evaluate the position? What kind of move would you search for as black?

Although I don't believe in magical success due to the influence of a single victory, I would like to say that this success was a key point in my career, giving me inspiration and security to continue progressing and to surpass the difficult barrier of 2600 points FIDE. Those who want to deepen the analysis and study of this game can be referred to Chess Informant 100 game 214.

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