A Knight to Remember

  • benws
  • | May 15, 2012

I haven't posted a Reshevsky game in quite a while, so here goes...

This game of his is notable because he manages to get one of his knights to the sixth rank. It then stays there for the rest of the game, and completely disrupts Treysman's plans. Eventually, Reshevsky manages to force the win of a pawn, due to the strength of his knight, and the rest of the game is a matter of technique. Also interesting is how Treysman's own knight gets completely stuck in the corner!


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    Nice article

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    The final move is also interesting (even if White also wins by the brutal b7, it can be a good pattern to remember for bishop endgames). If Black trades the bishops obviously White will soon promote, and if he refuses he has no square on the diagonal to retreat.

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    wonderful game-- fascinating how he trapped black's knight in the corner.

    thanks for posting this one!

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    Two absolutely beautiful intermezzo moves, 33.f6 and 34.Kg3 sealed black's fate without question, entombing the poor black knight on h8 forever.

    Great examples of how to use a knight outpost (white) and how not to cripple your own pieces (black).

    In the end it was one black bishop vs a white knight, king, pawn and bishop.

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