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I bring to share with you some of my fellow countryman Miguel Najdorf, the greatest chess player in my country (as I understand it).
Miguel Najdorf (born Mendel (Mieczysław) Najdorf in Grodzisk Mazowiecki near Warsaw, Poland, April 15, 1910 – died in Málaga, Spain, July 4, 1997) was a Polish-born Argentine chess grandmaster of Jewish origin, famous for his Najdorf Variation.
A Saturday, October 9, 1943 Miguel Najdorf began what would be one of the biggest events in the history of chess in Rosario (Argentine): conducting a meeting of "simultaneous blind" to 40 players. The meeting began at 15:40 on Saturday and ended at 9:15 on Sunday, ie lasted seventeen hours and thirty-five minutes. The result was 36 games won, lost one and three draw, with a rate of 91%. The rival players were third and fourth categories.
I said a curiosity: Miguel Najdorf once played a game with the Communist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara. The game was darw. In Havana, 1962 They play Spanish Game: Closed Variations. Smyslov Defense (C93). Another day, I bring the game.
Today, a great game against Shapiro (Probably in Warsaw, Poland in 1928). I have not found too much information. I took this game of an old book (which I bought when I was a child) whose author is Julio Bolbochan (another great chess player from my country).
Enjoy it. As always... sorry for my poor english.

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