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I have always wanted to create my own openings, but most of them are not vert succesful. A while ago, back when my rating hung around 1300, I developed what I called "Archer's Arm", mainly because it uses the bishop, which represents medevil archers, and also because, well, it sounded cool. I have not yet completely grown out of this opening, because it is a useful tool for beating my main chess rival, my father. I prefer closed tactical games, while he is better at open games. It is based on the principle that a little extra push can win it in the opening. It is very simple, and easy to pull off. It starts with the queen pawn opening:

Moves are: d4-d5, g3-Nc6, Bg2

 (Note: The Knight move is not always done, but it is what my dad usually plays.)






The point is this opening was designed to target the squares that had the most action in the queens pawn opening; e4 and e5. My bishop already hits e4 hard, and as the game goes on, I would make my trades and be on top.

I have almost outgrown this opening, as it uses the reasoning of a 1300 rank player, not my rank that I want. So, I decided I am going to have to create a new opening that tries to bring the game into a closed tactical battle. But still, this opening served me well, and I thought it desevered some mention.

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