A Month of Studies: Part 3

  • NM llamalord42
  • | Jan 16, 2014

Another week goes by, and my efforts to create chess beauty continue. Once again, I have failed to create true beauty on the chessboard. This week I began with slightly more "original" ideas, ideas that I have not found in other studies. However, I think I understand why more composers don't experiment with similar positions, as there is just much less scope for creativity and depth. Once I had finished my work with these, therefore, I transitioned to minor piece endings, where there is a lot more stuff going on. Along the way, I also created several small problems that cannot really be full-fledged studies. But they make me pause and perhaps reevaluate my goals with this month. I am not creating a few perfect studies, but I am generating a lot of content despite its lesser quality. Anyway, enough boring text, let's play some chess.

This one has a cute finish and a paradoxical opening, but is not particularly deep.

With this next attempt, I tried to expand on this theme, but didn't end up adding much to it at all. You know the theme, now try to solve it!
It was very hard to add to this theme, though. If you guys want to see any failed attempts in the future, comment, because I'm not putting the ones that don't work in here, but if you want to see some slightly more fanciful ideas that don't work, I can do that, too. 
So I moved on, like I always do, to new pastures. The combination of a bishop and a knight has always interested me, so I started there. Try to solve these three. They are short and sweet.
I hope these have been instructive. Hopefully I will be able to turn one of these into a full-fledged study. Particularly the last one seems promising. Anyway. Until next time!


  • 2 years ago


    These type of endgame themes will help a player more than any opening study.

  • 2 years ago


    In chesskingdreamer position I think 1.Nf4 wins (and 1.Rd4+ e/Kxd4 2.Bxd2 also wins).

  • 2 years ago


    i didn't read a so interesting article from a lot of time

  • 2 years ago

    IM chesskingdreamer

    maybe this will give inspiration, but rd4 and bf4 kind of ruin the day.

  • 2 years ago


    They might be short but I think they're brilliant. I especially liked the Bh2! sac. What would be cool, IMO, is if you combined some of the ideas you came up with last week with some of these. There's beauty in chaos my friend!!

  • 2 years ago


    These themes are very elegant. Nice work! Keep it up.

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