A Rook or Two Minor Pieces? Test your skills.‎

GM Gserper
24 | Tactics

In the first three parts of this article we analyzed many positions where a Rook was fighting two minor pieces. You could see how difficult it is sometimes to correctly evaluate the situation even if the material balance is about even. Today you'll get a chance to check your skills! You'll be offered four positions to solve, all of them taken from the games played by the World Champions!  Try to play like these great players!

If you are interested to see how Tal converted his material advantage, here is the end of the game:
If you want to see the legendary Karpov's technique in action, here is how the World Champion won the game:
I hope our investigation of these unbalanced positions will help you in your games regardless if you have a Rook or a pair of minor pieces!
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