Adults Learning Chess From and With Children

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I have been playing chess for as long as my daughter who is pre-school.  We just started on Christmas Day.  She interested me in the game due to her remembering chess from a Harry Potter Movie.  As we strolled in the library looking for something to read together she saw a chess board and said that we should play just like they did in Harry Potter.  We used her rules and she won.  But we played for like an hour.  It was better than TV or any other video game.  I got to see her creativity in action.  I asked for Chess for Christmas.  I got "No Stress Chess" from Santa who obviously wants peace in our house.  He also got me a Scooby Doo chess set.  We have played a "No Stress" game of chess at least once a day since Dec 25.  I hope to continue this trend.  Since starting my chess hobby, I have been crushed at least a hundred times by this site's computer game.  I am learning though and love it.  The point of this article - I started in chess because my daughter got me started, not the other way around.  Now I am hooked and am also trying to teach her how the pieces move and other introductory topics.

What an amazing gift I got from my daughter.  We fish together and ice skate together and now we have chess together.

Does anyone have suggestions on how best for us both to learn?  I may be worrying some of you with my desire to teach and learn especially when I am a novice, so your guidance is appreciated.

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