Affiliate Program for Partners of

Affiliate Program for Partners of

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Do you maintain an active, well received blog somewhere on the web that's not on

Do you have your own chess website where you promote yourself for lessons, products, etc?

Are you the manager of a club or organization that maintains a good quality website for your members and others to view your club / organization's activities?

In 2013, we launched our own "Affiliate Program" for just those cases described above. How does it work?

  • You place a Banner on your website; We'll help you get the tech all setup on your end!
  • Small, non-intrusive sizes like 200x200 (the size of the thumbnail picture above in this article) are available and can be put in multiple locations on your website, as well as larger "headline / homepage" style banners to grab the attention of your visitors.
  • Your account on is linked with these banners (automatically) to track any / all traffic that comes to from your website banners.
  • If and when any of those members / accounts become premium (paying) members, you are sent %30 of the initial signup fee.

It's passive cash in your pocket to help your website and club prosper! And since you already love (why would you be reading this if you didn't) it makes no sense NOT to implement a banner that could lead to some serious referral cash!

For more information, email myself:

IM Danny Rensch
Director of Content & Professional Relations 

and CC:

Brenan Klain
Vice President of Operations and Growth

with subject line: "Affiliate Program".  Give us a link to your website / blog in the email and include your username so we can setup your account. 

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