Alekhine's Big Nose

Alekhine's Big Nose‎

GM Julio_Becerra
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It is said that few people in chess have been so uncomplicated and frank as Miguel Najdorf, and for this reason he created around him a very good atmosphere. Maybe for that, it is not surprising that at Buenos Aires 1939 during the Chess Olympiad, the World Champion Alexander Alekhine invited him to share some drinks.

Najdorf recounted this anecdote to New in Chess magazine: When Alekhine said “Miguel let us drink,” I replied to him that I was a poor person, but he told me: “I will pay.” After he drank the whole bottle and I just two glasses, I asked him: "Doctor, do you remember the game that you played against Book, where you sacrificed a rook and you asked me my opinion, once you made the move, and I responded to you 'marvelous?'" Then Alekhine said: “In truth I did not see anything.” “Then, why did you sacrifice the Rook?” “Because a very big nose I have. You know?” -and he added- “A big intuition, like Capablanca.”

Reuben Fine said: “The combination, or well the series of combinations that take place in this game, are, in my opinion, the most outstanding tactical conception of chess history.”

Ok, let us see the game behind this history!


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