Anniversary of Bobby Fischer’s Death

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One year ago today, the greatest chess player of all time passed away in Iceland of kidney failure.  Bobby Fischer was 64 years old when he died and despite the fact that he had not played competitive chess since 1992, he was still the most talked about player in the annals of chess history.

There have  since been discussions of possible movies about Fischer, an algebraic release of his legendary “My 60 Memorable Games”, and increased conversations about his brilliant chess play and controversial personality.  The topic of Fischer never gets old, no matter what spin is put on it.  A timeless character, whose name is the very first that comes to mind when the game of chess is mentioned anywhere in the world.

His classic battle with Boris Spassky in 1972 reamains to be the greatest chess match of all time, just as his toppling of the Russian chess machine reamains the most amazing feat of all time.

First he was taken from the chess world too soon, and then ultimately taken from the entire world too soon.  His chess theories and novelties continue to amaze, and his contributions of the Fischer clock and Fischer Random Chess are still celebrated today.

Thank you for the memories Bobby, you will definitely be remembered and revered forever.  Presented in your honor is game # 14 from your very own classic book.




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