Announcing The GIF Maker
Make GIFs of your favorite chess games quickly and easily.

Announcing The GIF Maker‎

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Want a quick way to share your favorite chess games with friends online? Why not try a chess GIF?

Making GIFs of your favorite chess games is now easy with's GIF Maker!

Here's how to use it:

1. Copy a PGN from your favorite chess website or software. On, you can get the PGN via the "share" button null.


2. Go to!

3. Paste the PGN and click "Create GIF.", Chess GIF

4. Once created, the GIF will open in a new tab!

5. To share, copy and paste the URL, or right-click and save image to share on many platforms.

Opera Game, Paul Morphy

The finished product: To learn more about the "Opera Game" see FM Elliot Liu's video for diamond members.

Want a different chessboard or piece set? Open the "Advanced Options" to choose dozens of boards and pieces, plus more options. There are currently 1,296 possible combinations (excluding size)!



We aren't sure the blue board and graffiti pieces is a perfect combination, but you do you. 

Enjoy! The only thing left is to continue arguing about how to pronounce GIF.


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