Are you smarter than a Grandmaster ? Part Two.

Are you smarter than a Grandmaster ? Part Two.

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Originally a second part to last week's article wasn’t even planned and yet, as you can see, it is here.  What made me change my mind?  It is that  ‘Rush Hour 3’ movie.  Well, actually not even the whole movie, but this particular part of the movie:



I like this line :

Detective Carter:  That’s what I’m asking you!

Master Yu:           And Yu is answering!


To paraphrase it, you, my readers, were asking Serper in your comments and Serper is answering!

 It looks like the majority enjoyed the article and I even got a suggestion to write a book using this concept.  I am not sure about a book, but here is the second part of the article for your learning and amusement.  The games are placed in the order of their difficulty.  From the simplest tactics to really challenging combinations.


Adolf Andersen… Just mention this name and the heart of any chess player starts to beat faster.  ‘The Immortal Game” and “The Evergreen Game” are two marvelous gems created by Andersen’s genius.  So, are you smarter than Adolf Andersen?




Michail Chigorin was one of the world’s best players of his time.  Here is one of his first tries of a new opening that was later named after him. So, are you smarter than Mikhail Chigorin?




Paul Keres was arguably one of the best chess players ever who never became the World Champion.  Are you smarter than Paul Keres?




Tigran Petrosian had a nickname "Iron Tigran" because of his playing style and his almost impenetrable defence .  Can you beat “Iron Tigran”?




I don’t need to introduce Paul Morphy.  He was an unofficial World Chess Champion before this title was introduced and also was Bobby Fischer’s chess hero.  So, are you smarter than Paul Morphy?




Most of you probably noticed something similar in all of these games.  The titans of chess lost so quickly in the above games because they neglected the safety of their Kings, even if for a brief moment.  Sometimes all it takes is just one nasty check!

You had a chance to defeat the best players in the history of chess, so the next time your opponent makes his King vulnerable, you know what you should do! 


Good luck!


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