Arizona Scorpions Win USCL Opener

Arizona Scorpions Win USCL Opener

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By Steve Farmer

My favorite time of year is finally here; cooler weather, football season under way, the World Series is around the corner... as is basketball. But above all else, the US Chess League has already started! hosted the US Chess League last year and I felt they did a tremendous job. I liked the commentators and most of all I felt it much easier to follow multiple games on rather than on the current host, the ICC.

That being said, if you want to watch the games live you can find the schedule at and then you can tune on to ICC to watch.

For my part I will be covering the Arizona Scorpions. Since my time is limited until mid-October I will only be doing video coverage until that time. Afterwards I plan on writing full articles with pgn viewers. So I beg your acceptance and that you will enjoy the videos until then.

Arizona started off Week One of the 2014 season with a 3-1 win over Seattle. The single loss came on board 4 and even there the Arizona player held the advantage until a gross blunder threw the game away, saving Seattle from a total rout!

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Next up Arizona will face the Dallas Destiny who had a decisive season opener as well, the two will meet on Tuesday, September 2nd.