ATTENTION FRANK SMITH! Reply to me please!

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When I was in college the first time back in 1980, I was the president of Chess club at Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario Oregon. That doesn't mean I was the best player by any means, just that I had a love for this wonderful game. The vice-president was my best friend, Frank Smith. He kicked my *** about 90% of the time. As my game progressed, I was able to beat Frank about 3 times out of 10 or so. Frank was an awesome player. He went on to the military, and became about a 2100 rated player. He would give Masters a good game. So, Frank, if you're out there, reply to me! I haven't seen Frank in over 25 years. It would be great to get in touch again. Frank, if you ever read this, you can email me at