Beating your Betters - Wins Against Titled Players

Beating your Betters - Wins Against Titled Players‎

FM FM_Eric_Schiller
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I thought I'd share some inspirational games from my nearly 50 years of chess. In these games I defeat powerful titled players. I have a somewhat unusual profile. I have beaten many stars, but manage to lose to many amateurs too. My rating of 2200 is really plus or minus 400 points depending on my mood and attention span. One thing is constant, though. I am not afraid of anyone, and go all out to beat my betters. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these games and learn some valuable lessons.
If you want to see my worst games and moves, you'll have to pay for the privilege  by picking up a copy of my Development of a Chess Master, where I reveal my worst moves and the reasons for the errors.My good games you can have for free Laughing I think you'll find both kinds of games instructive.
The first game is from my youth. It is very exciting and was featured in the New Yok Times. 

The Next games are the only ones where I defeated the same Grandmaster twice over the board. That's very hard tyo do, because they are usually out for revenge.

These are just a few examples. More to come in future installments!

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