Beginners Should Never Resign

| 15 | For Beginners

I am a beginning player with only a few games under my belt, but I strongly feel that the title of this Article is true. I am curious about others' thoughts on this point. 

When I first started viewing games of more experienced players, I was surprised by how early they resigned. I've decided that two things are true when an experienced player resigns: (1) the resigning player knows he made an error from which he cannot recover; and (2) the resigning player knows the opponent will exploit this error to secure the victory. 

I think beginners rarely know those two things to be true. As beginners, we have insufficient knowledge and experience to know, until very late in the game, that we have made a mistake from which we cannot recover. The second point is even less likely to be true. Just today I made a mistake that put my opponent three moves from a fairly obvious mate. My opponent didn't see it, and I ended up winning. 

Furthermore, there is value in playing to the end - there are important concepts involved in endgame strategy that are applicable to other parts of the game. Continuing the game is an important way to develop this strategy.

In general, I have noticed that most beginning players are willing to play to the end, even when time is not a factor. Are other people annoyed when players do or don't resign?