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Robert James 'Bobby' Fischer, the great grandmaster of a truly amazing game chess was born on March 29, 1941 in Chicago, Illnoise. He was interested in chess since childhood.He learned the rules of chess only at the age of 6! He played and won maany tournaments though its not as if he never lost, he lost 85 games but won may more.He set a record with 415 wins and 248 draws. well thats quite alot, I cant manage doing it nor can u. He actually won U.S champion 8 times in 8 attempts,1957,1958,1959,1960,1961,1962,1963. Bobby Fischer won each and every tournament he participated in from December 1962 except World Championship match 1972 with the exceptions of Capablanca Memorial, 1965, (2nd place - ½ point behind Smyslov), and Piatigorsky Cup, 1966, (2nd place - ½ point behind Spassky).  Well now we cant be so harsh, some loses might do. No one's perfect, not even bobby fischer or Obama because people are really bored of his speeches.Anyways, we get back to work. 748 games played from 1955 through 1992 for a performance average of .721 or 72.1% . He got International grandmaster title, a great honour, in 1958. Fischer's highest achieved rating was 2785 ELO. He died on 17th January 2008 at Reykjavik, Iceland. Pls Review if you liked the article,

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