Broadcast Your Tournament on and Chessbomb

Broadcast Your Tournament on and Chessbomb‎

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If you are a tournament organizer looking for a way to reach a wider audience, now is your opportunity to broadcast your top boards' moves to the world. and Chessbomb are interested in broadcasting your tournament to our over twenty-nine million members. If you would like to expand your tournament's presence and have your relay present on Chessbomb's cutting-edge platform, please fill out this form in its entirety.

In addition, please provide us with a high resolution .png or .jpg logo image for us to attach to our relevant broadcasting user interfaces and promotional material. You can send the logo by clicking here and sending it via email to our support team.

Chessbomb provides an intuitive and interactive platform for viewers from around the world

With an interactive chat, engine eval, accurate clocks and move annotation, your viewers will be immersed in an experience that will make them feel like they are watching the action at the venue. In addition, Chessbomb and are able to provide video embeds of your event from Twitch or YouTube, providing an extra layer of content and boosting viewership for your event. and Chessbomb are dedicated to providing organizers like you with a powerful platform that leverages your hard work and connects you with the passionate viewers you value.

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