Bughouse Chess

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Recently, i've stumbled upon a variation of chess called bughouse chess in my local chess club. I've tried out a couple of games and i have to say, i havn't been disappointed.

 In case your wondering waht bughouse chess is, well it's a variation of chess played with 2 teams, 2 players each, and on two boards. The pieces are also set up so that each team member is in possession of an opposite colored chess army. Your goal is to checkmate your opponent. If just one person on your team check mates his/her opponent, the whole team wins. The really interesting thing about bughouse is that when you capture one of your opponents peices, the piece you captured is automaticaly transfered to your teammate. Your teammate may put the piece down on any open space on the board at any time during the game but it counts as his/her move (the exeption are pawns which cannot be placed on the 1st or 8th rank). 

 I encourage people to try to play this type of chess as it leads to very exciting and dramatic games, though often quick. For more about this game you can go to you wont be disappointed.