Carlos Torre and his Attack

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The Torre Attack is one of the simplest chess openings.  Yet it is highly effctive and can lead to  spectacular games.  Its inventor, the Mexican star Carlos Torre, used it to defeat no less than Emmanuel Lasker at a major international foreign using perhaps the most famous example of the windmill tactic.


From Wikipedia: 

Carlos Torre Repetto (23 November 1905 in Mérida, Yucatán – 19 March 1978 in Mérida, Yucatán) was a chess grandmaster from Mexico.

Torre won the Louisiana championship at New Orleans 1923. He was first at Detroit 1924, followed by Samuel Factor, Herman H. Hahlbohm, Norman Whitaker, Samuel Reshevsky, etc., and at Rochester 1924 (with Jennings). In 1924, Torre took third place in New York (Abraham Kupchik won). In 1925, he took tenth place in Baden-Baden (Alexander Alekhine won). In 1925, he tied for third/fourth place with Frank Marshall, behind Aron Nimzowitsch and Akiba Rubinstein, in Marienbad. In 1925, he tied for fifth/sixth place with Savielly Tartakower in Moscow (Efim Bogoljubow won). In 1925, he tied for second/third place in Leningrad (Quadrangular; Solomon Borisovich Gotthilf won). In 1926, he tied for second/third place with Géza Maróczy, behind Marshall, in Chicago. In 1926, he won, ahead of Jose Joaquin Araiza, in Mexico City.

Torre's career was cut short by mental illness. 




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