Chess and Life

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When you play chess do you ever think about how this ancient and great game so mirrors one's life?

You being with an opening, that would be your birth of course, and every move you make is a decision in that life of yours. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to gain a better position, sometimes a certain move is a failure or sometimes that move actually leads you to new position you never thought existed.

Sometimes, life wins the game and set you back (decline in your rating) but you get back up and keep playing. You never quit. You face the traps (the obstacles and the barriers) and you try new ways to beat the game of life. There are even times when you have a brilliant move or two.

Eventually the end game comes, but your endgame is just like the rest of the game. Is it masterful? Is it strong? Is it an endgame you can be proud of? If the answer is yes, then indeed, you have played the game the best you could, and in the end, only you can determine if the game was a victory or a loss.

Life is indeed like Chess. Easy to learn, hard to master.