Chess and my life.

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Chess was first introduced to me by my father,when I was finally old enough to grasp the concept. Since then I have never lived anywhere without a board nearby. Always searching for a new player, or a game with an old friend. It has always surprised me how many people don't play, or say they know how, but have never been interested in the game. In my opinion, if your "just not interested" in chess, then you don't "know how" to play. Chess, to me symbolizes our most grandiose aspirations of domination and conquer.Another writer here, in this area, described chess as steroids for the mind. I agree. Chess lends a focus to logical thought like no other game can. I love it. lets all have fun, from around the world. Personal, and political views, mean nothing here. We all share the same love for this game. So, I challenge you to give me your best game. And it's your move.      Johnnya.