Chess Art Challenge

Chess Art Challenge

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The words "quarantine" and "social distancing" are going to be a symbol of the year 2020. People in isolation suffer due to many economical and psychological factors. One of them is boredom.

Fortunately, creative minds will always find a solution to any problem, so a new project was born on Facebook. People recreated famous works of art in today's world. Some of them are just funny, like the next one:

But look at this one, posted by FIDE's Director General GM Emil Sutovsky. It is indeed an extremely well-done work.

Can we do a similar project in chess? Indeed, some chess games can be very similar. Here is a game played by the chess legend—Viktor "the Terrible" Korchnoi:

And here is a modern game:

The positions from the games shouldn't be necessarily identical. Just as in the first example of the art challenge above, a cat makes the modern copy funny. Now compare it to chess. Here is a very well known classical game that GM Nigel Short wishes to be his epitaph:

Here is a recent attempt to copy Short's unbelievable king march:

Not exactly the same result as in the original game, but nevertheless it is very funny!

You don't need to be a titled player to imitate classical gems. Here is a good example. Can you find a winning combination in the following position?

And here is a copy from one of our fellow members:

If you, my dear readers, have a chess game that resembles any classical game, combination, endgame, etc., please post it in the comments!

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