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Oldrich Duras, born October 30, 1882 in Bohemia is one of the most famous Czech Grandmasters and a renowned master of the early 20th century. He was also an outstanding composer.

Duras became Czech Champion three times, in 1905, 1909 and 1911; and won the German Championship in 1912. His most noted international tournaments successes are Bremen (1905), Prague (1908), Vienna (1908) and Breslau (1912); in each instance he tied for first.

Oldrich Duras himself gave up serious chess in 1918, and a successful chess career came to an abrupt stop. During his retirement, Duras turned to problem composition, where he ranked among the very finest!

Duras was particularly strong in tactics and was a 'pure-calculator' player, so he did not play well when tired!

In 1942, as a tribute to Duras' 60th birthday, a tournament was held in Prague, where Alekhine and Klaus Junge tied for first. On the basis of his earlier tournament achievements and splendid contributions to chess, Duras was officially awarded the international grandmaster title by FIDE in 1950. Duras passed away in Prague on January 5, 1957.
















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