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The Bullet Open Championship will kick off on December 19-20, with the winner clinching a spot in next year's Bullet Chess Championship. With a $10,000 prize fund on the line, this event will feature a 1|0 time control, open to all titled players on

How To Watch?

Tune in at on Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20 at 10 a.m. Pacific time/19:00 Central European time for expert commentary.


On December 19, players will have two chances to qualify for the championship rounds, through either of the two 21-round Swiss qualification events, one starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time/19:00 Central European time, and the other beginning at 11:30 a.m. Pacific time/20:30 Central European time. The top six players in each event will advance to the knockout phase, seeded 1-6 by their place in their respective qualifier. All participants can play in both qualifiers, and should a player finish in the top six in both events, the player will secure the higher of the two seeds.

The knockout starts on December 20 with a 12-player bracket, where the top two seeds from each Swiss receive a bye in the wild card round and advance directly to the quarterfinals. Players will face opponents from their Swiss qualification event from the day prior up until the championship round.

The matches will consist of a 15-minute Speed Chess Championship style match, where players will alternate colors with each game until time expires. The player with the most points will advance to the next round.

Should a match end in a tie, play will continue with sudden death, where the first player to secure a decisive result will win the match and advance to the next round.


The total prize fund is $10,000 with $5,000 going to the winner, as well as qualification for the 2021 Bullet Chess Championship.

Fair Play

All players must also abide by all rules and site policies found at and cooperate fully with's fair play detection team. Participants should be prepared to join a Zoom call for proctoring at the arbiter's discretion, and this request may be made between rounds via direct chat in live chess by a staff member.

All players should be prepared to enter a Zoom call for proctoring if requested. By rule, players must have immediate access to a camera and microphone, and must be responsive to prompts from staff during the event. Five minute breaks will run following the conclusion of rounds 10, 15, and 19. Failure to comply with staff may result in immediate disqualification from the event.

This event requires all players to have their full legal name in their profile. Anonymous titled player accounts or accounts found to be using a fake name will not be eligible to win prizes during the event and may be removed from the tournament without notice.

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