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What happened at in June? Month in Review: June 2021

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Hey, chess lovers! We are well into July already, which means it's high time to review last month's developments, as well as the latest numbers from our Fairplay and Support teams. Let's dive into June 2021...


Fresh Puzzles Daily!

  • Fully released the new Daily Puzzle feature! Each puzzle has its own explanation - and we've got more fun new improvements coming soon...
  • The "x" key now flips the board in Explorer.
  • Added animated emoji to game chat in Play!
  • Added link to the Library in the side panel of the Archive page.
  • Added support for line breaks in Chat.
  • Sort an author's Videos by date or popularity...
  • Continued efforts were made to improve our pages from an accessibility standpoint.
  • Fixed a small bug: the "Follow" check-box for a Comments thread was not appearing checked immediately after adding a new comment
  • Small UI improvements for Lessons, including some improvements to the Search feature.
  • Fixed a bug in the Vote Chess move-list where the check symbol (+) wasn't always showing up.
  • Various improvements to core chessboard code.
  • Fixes and updates to the Endgames trainer, including helpful Lesson recommendations from Coach when you get into trouble...

Need help?

  • Adding preview boards when hovering on the active games list in Events.
  • Performance enhancements in Play, including faster loading of game lists.
  • Improved "presence service" to make it easier to see when your friends and other members are online and/or playing... As we mentioned last month, you can challenge (or watch) them with a click! We also added this to the member pop-up and the Streamers page!

Friends Online

  • Improved pagination controls on several list-style pages, including the Members page.
  • Fixed some small visual bugs and usability issues on the Invite Friends page.
  • Ongoing UI improvements for Events!Weekly Chess Lessons available
  • Lots of work on a great-looking update for Openings pages, like this one, for the French Defense. (Coming Soon!)
  • Implemented a new "skinny" evaluation bar next to more boards around the site.
  • You can now edit the Details of off-site games in your Library Collections.
  • Added a visual counter (in the side panel) for the number of free weekly Lessons you have available...

Fair Play & Sportsmanship

  • 286,323,422 games reviewed for fair play.
  • 11,082,054 accounts reviewed for fair play.
  • 22,977 accounts closed for fair play (including 10 titled players).
  • 1,244,664 abuse reports received.
  • 66,870 mute actions taken.
  • 57,305 individual accounts muted.
  • 40,781 accounts closed for abuse.

Member Support

Average time to first response: 1 day, 26 mins.
Total support responses: 36,696.
Average quality by member rating: 92% "Great" or better.
Total ratings: 3,877.

And that was pretty much it for June! Thank you for staying tuned in to site developments and taking the time to check this out. We'll see you again next month for a look at July. Until then, stay safe and enjoy your chess!

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