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| 227 | Other is happy to announce that we have just rolled out another new feature: the Library. You can now create a collection of games and store them conveniently all in one place.

Whether you want to study a particular opening, save games for later analysis, create lessons for your students, or even boast about your best wins, the library feature makes it easy to do. You can even keep your annotated games in your collections!

Check out all the features of's Library:

What Are Collections

Collections are like folders of games that you can group inside your Library. You can create your own collections depending on your goal while using the Library feature. For instance, if you want to study how masters play a particular opening, you can create a collection of multiple games from our Master Games page featuring that opening.

Library feature.
Learning openings is one of the many benefits you can get from our new Library feature.

Now that you know what a collection is, it's time to look at your Library's main features and how to use them.

Creating Collections

There are two ways you can create a collection. The first one is to go to your Library and click the green Create New Collection button.

Create new collection.
Click the Create New Collection button to create a new collection.

You can also create a new collection right from the game you're analyzing. Once the game is over, you have to click the Library icon at the bottom right. You'll see a window pop up with your current collections and an option to create a new one.

Create new collections
Create new collections right from the game you're analyzing.

After creating the collection, you have several options to add games to it. Inside your collection's page, you can use the Paste URL or the Paste PGN options.

Add new games to your collection
You can add new games to your collections using the game's URL or PGN.

You can also add games right from the Live Chess page after a game is over by clicking the Library icon on the bottom right.

Library icon
You can add games directly from Live Chess by clicking the Library icon.

Your Collections Tab

When you open your Library, you'll land on the Your Collections tab. Here, you will be able to see all the collections that you've created.

Your Collections tab
The Your Collections tab shows all the collections you have created.

From this tab, you can click on any of your collections to explore the games in it. Notice that you can even see a miniature of the game and go through its moves right from the collection's page.

You can go through the game's moves right from the Library.

It's also from this tab that you can share your collections with other users. After you enter one of your collections, you'll find the Participants field under Privacy. There, you can type in your friend's username and click on it to share the collection with them.

Share your collections.
You can share your collections with your friends or students.

Shared Tab

In the Shared tab, you'll find all the collections that people have shared with you.

Shared collections.
You can see all the collections that have been shared with you in the Shared tab.

Community Collections Tab

You can create collections not only for yourself and your friends, but also for the entire community! If you enjoy creating content and sharing valuable information with others, you can do it by making your collections public. To do so, you have to toggle the Make Public handle on, which you'll find under the Privacy menu.

Share collections with the community.
You can share your collections with the community.

All the public collections from the community will be under the Community Collections tab.

Community Collections.
You can see all the public collections in the Community Collections tab.

Bookmarks Tab

If you see a collection that's not yours and you really like it, you can bookmark it to find it again easily. Once inside the collection, all you need to do is click the Bookmark Collection button.

Bookmark collections.
You can bookmark collections to access them easily in the future.

All your bookmarked collections will be under the Bookmarks tab.

Bookmarks tab
You can find all your bookmarked collections in the Bookmarks tab.

We hope you enjoy using this new feature and are looking forward to hearing your opinions in the comment section below.

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