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Chess federations are the pillars of in-person chess throughout the world. They rate chess events, organize national championships, represent their nation in international competitions, and do a great deal to promote chess.

Many federations have official clubs on Join these official clubs to connect with your national community, participate in online championships, and learn more about the services your chess federation offers.

Do you represent a national federation seeking to found an official club or have your club listed here? Email

International Federations

FIDE America - CCA (Fide America - CCA)

Asian Chess Federation (Asian Chess Federation)

European Chess Union (European Chess Union)

National Federations

Angola (Federação Angolana de Xadrez)

Argentina (Federacion Argentina de Ajedrez)

Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Chess Federation)

Bahamas (Bahamas Chess Federation)

Bangladesh (Bangladesh Chess Federation)

Brazil (Confederacao Brasileira de Xadrez)

Brunei (Brunei Chess Federation)

Canada (Chess Federation Of Canada)

Cape Verde (Federação Cabo-verdiana de Xadrez)

Catalonia (Federació Catalana d'Escacs)

Chile (Ajefech Chile)

Costa Rica ( FCA Costa Rica)

Croatia (Croatian Chess Federation)

Dominican Republic (Federación Dominicana de Ajedrez)

El Salvador (Federación Salvadoreña de Ajedrez)

England (English Chess Federation)

Georgia (Georgian Chess Federation)

Germany (Deutscher Schachbund)

Greece (Greek Chess Federation)

Guatemala (Oficial Federación Nacional de Ajedrez de Guatemala)

Guyana (Guyana Chess Federation)

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Chess Federation)

Ireland (Irish Chess Union)

Israel (Israeli Chess Federation)

Jamaica (Jamaica Chess Federation)

Japan (National Chess Society of Japan)

Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Chess Federation)

Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan Chess Federation)

Malaysia (Malaysian Chess Federation)

Maldives (Maldives Chess Association)

Malta (Malta Chess Federation)

Mexico (Federacion Nacional de Ajedrez de Mexico)

Namibia (Namibia Chess Federation)

Netherlands (KNSB Nederland)

Nepal (Nepal Chess)

Nicaragua (National Chess Federation of Nicaragua)

North Macedonia (Chess Federation of North Macedonia)

Pakistan (Chess Federation Of Pakistan)

Paraguay (Federacion Paraguaya de Ajedrez)

Philippines (National Chess Federation of the Philipines)

Poland (Polski Zwiazek Szachowy)

Polynésie Française (French Polynesian Chess)

Portugal (Federação Portuguesa de Xadrez)

Romania (Romania Chess Federation)

Saudi Arabia (Saudi Chess Federation)

Singapore (Singapore Chess Federation)

South Korea (Korea Chess Federation)

Sri Lanka (Chess Federation of Sri Lanka)

St. Lucia (St. Lucia Chess Federation)

Sudan (Sudan Chess Federation)

Switzerland (Swiss Chess Federation)

Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association)

United States (US Chess)

Uruguay (Federación Uruguaya de Ajedrez)

Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan Chess Federation)

Venezuela (Federación Venezolana de Ajedrez)

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