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Informant 118 Cobra Unveiled Today

Informant 118 Cobra Unveiled Today

A big day! Carlsen's era has started but the time has come also for the brand new periodical,  Chess Informant 118 Cobra edition!

Few days ago,  after the dramatic fourth game of the World Championship match between Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov has tweeted from the battlefield in Chennai: " Game 4 demonstrated exactly what I wrote for my last Chess Informant column: The Berlin is a sharp & rich middlegame, not an ending."

What better recommendation could there be for Chess Informant 118, than this comment from the world’s best chess player ever? Hot stuff!

  • php9GSi9S.jpegGARRY’S CHOICE  – By GM Garry Kasparov, the 13th WORLD CHAMPION
    Garry annotates the Caruana-Adams encounter from Dortmund 2013, which gives rise to the magnificent story of the chess Berlin Wall! Five annotated reference games are included.
  •  OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES – By GM Mihail Marin
    Mihail elaborates on the theme of the “Positional queen sacrifice and the strong passed pawn”, through six illustrative games, starting with the freshest, Kramnik-Andreekin from World Cup final in Tromso 2013.
  • And much more inside 340 book pages and/or on a CD with PGN, CBH and CA files!
  • Check out the Sample Pages!

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