Chess is 99% Tactics

  • GM Julio_Becerra
  • | Dec 9, 2009

Richard Teichmann (24 December 1868 – 15 June 1925) was a strong German chess player, easily of grandmaster strength! In 1890 he was a student of modern languages (becoming fluent in several of them) and studied in Berlin where he also improved his chess. He moved to England in 1892 as a language teacher and resided there for a number of years.

His chess career began with a 3rd placing at Leipzig 1894 but at London 1899 he had to withdraw after 4 rounds because of an eye problem. He lost the use of his right eye and from then on wore an eye patch. He returned to tournament play in 1902 and won so many fifth prizes up to 1910 that he earned the nickname "Richard the Fifth". In 1911 at Carlsbad he had his greatest moment, finishing 1st in a strong 25 player field (+13, =10, -2). There he scored a convincing win, crushing Akiba Rubinstein and Carl Schlechter with the same line in the Ruy Lopez!

Even though he was an excellent tactician he understood positional play very well. Also he was a good analyst and brilliant composer.

A chronic kidney and heart complaint overcame him in the Virchow Hospital in Berlin in 1925 where he passed away.

Today we will see why chess is 99% tactics!


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    Tactics flow from a superior position. 

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    I solved all the problems..!Cool

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    very  nice; thinkable ideas. Good  

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    Thanks! to all of you who responded to my inquiry about the 3rd puzzle. It does look like Mr. Von Scheve had good reason to resign.

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    OpeningGambit, after Qxf8, why not Kxf8?  White can't play Re8 because of the black bishop on c6.

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    Suffering, after 29. ... Qd3+ 30. Kh4, I don't see any perpetual check.  White has d4 and e4 covered.

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    I like the positional play here.

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    chessnoob1000:  You're wrong because after Qxf8 Kh7 White is a queen up but there is not mate.  The text means mate.


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    If chess is 99% tactics whats the other 1%?

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    FM VPA

    Some of the tactics were mindblowing & relishing. Nowadays, we have to keep so many things in mind to carry out our goals.

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    SmileYes!  WinkChess is 99% tactics!  BUT, do not forget that a player's strategy is also quite important, too!  Sharp tactical play is terrific to be a part of or even to just watch as it unfolds over-the-board!  The overall game strategy however is also extremely important because without a sound strategy a game can be ultimately be lost!  You need a "vision" - an idea of what you're trying to accomplish in the game as the position changes!  -  ChessPaladin2009Cool 

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    It might be helpful to people arguing tactics versus strategy to understand the difference between the two and for chess commentators in general as some authors on this sight seem to get mixed up also.

    Maybe the term mission which is used in all wars should be introduced as to avoid mis understanding of the two concepts

    Mission is your goal as in all wars both sides usually have a reason for waring in the first place, when Sadam invaded Kuwait in the1990s The allied forces went to war. Their mission was to regain control of Kuwait and give the control back to its rightful Ruler.

    After they decided on their mission they then employed strategic and tactical plans to achieve their objective.

    Usually your mission(OBJECTIVE) in chess is to capture the Opponents King.ieCheck Mate

    So where does that leave strategy and tactics.

    Well we can say that strategy usually involves medium to longterm planning, AND TACTICS IS USUALLY shorterm planning.

    It is untrue to say Chess is 99%tactics or 10% or any percent as you can not have one without the other and likewise you can not have either without a mission.

    They all come together.

    So in chess we know the mission we then usually unconciously decide on a Strategy maybe stop the opponent castling or capture the king in the corner with the bishop knight and queen ie.medium to longterm planning.Our Tactics then are our shorterm plans(manouvres) to achieve our Strategy  IE MAYBE AN OPENING THAT INVOLVES GETTING OUR OWN KING CASTLED VERY QUICKLY so we can then excecute our mission, of coarse as in all wars and with all armies   there is our opponent that can do unexpected things to throw us of our goals but if we expect the unexpected and are willing to be flexible with our tactics and persevere we can usually obtain(attain) our objective(check mate) and strategic plan  will have worked.

    So Chess is neither 99% anything its organising and co ordinating a serious of plans both strategic and tactical  in order to achieve a goal.

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    Great Puzzle these are the things that will take me to the next level instead of being stuck be 1740, and 1800 and with the other 1 percent of luck I will break the 2000 Wall.

      Thanks for the report.


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    Actually I think chess (the game at least) is 100% tactics, because all strategy (ie. positional play) is based upon tactics.
    In chess as a competition, psychology also plays a role that shouldn't be underestimated.

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    Qxf8 Kxf8 and then?

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    Amazing puzzle! Yes, chess is 99% tactics!

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    does annyone else see there's a much easier win in the last puzzle with qxf8!

  • 7 years ago


    the third puzzle reaches a quite equil position after 17 ...Bxf2 here's the line given by rybka:

    18. Bxf7+ Kf8 19. Bf4 Qxf4 20. Bh5 Nf6 21. Rxf2 Nxh5 22. Qd5 g6 23. Qxb7 Re8 24. Re1

    seems that the tactician had flaws after all.

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