Chess is not a sport

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I often hear chess referred to as a sport.

To me it is clearly not a sport.

When I think of a sport such as soccer, basketball, swimming, etc. what

is involved is competition requiring highly developed physical skills and attributes of the players.

Although chess is very competitive, what distinguishes strengths of chess players is not their physical abilities at doing anything. It is about what is going on in their minds.

Some might argue that chess is physical because it requires that one be able to sit in one spot for hours and concentrate. It is true that this aspect of chess is physical, but it in not the essence of what makes a great chess player. There are people who are great at sitting and concentrating for hours on end but are lousy chess players.

Although chess is very competitive like sports it is about brain power, not physical skill. Therefore in my way of thinking and using words it is not a sport.