Chess fun with boring start.

Chess fun with boring start.

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I want to earn some money to pay for my chess school. I want to do it in the way  of chessplayer earning this money giving myself chess lessons. I will teach how to improve your chess, starting to fight for something during tournaments or I will teach you how to become tournament level player. I offer low price 2 USD per hour. The lessons will be via internet using Skype. If someone is interested contact me For the end I have a solitaire chess game to solve. You have to guess moves and for good answers you will get points and next you can check how good you was. This kind of exercise is very good, because it could make you more creative,agressive and it helps to develop amazing chess style similar to grandmaster.

 You need piece of paper and pen.

Your score:

106-125 -outstanding

86-105- exellent

51-85- average

26-50- fair

0-25- novice

English opening

You playing white

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