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Well, I can't believe it. Yesterday, I celebrated my one-year anniversary on I'm very surprised that my account is still here...Cool

My experience has helped me to realize just how far an idea can go. In a year, this once-small website (with a name I'm frankly surprised no one thought of before), created by the one and only erik, has grown into something quite...large.

The community has been great. I've met lots of interesting people and befriended quite a few. I've also met people who I wish I'd never met, unfortunately. No names will be mentioned.

i've managed to drag a few people to (some of them unexpectedly); this is a fact which I'm very proud of. And one of those people is now a premium member!

Over this past year, I've seen radical new changes, whether good (live chess!) or bad (premium cutbacks Undecided). I still don't like the numerous ads. But then again, I guess that you must advertise if it's for your own good.

As for the chess, I don't think I've played tougher games. If only I could figure out how to win. Frankly, I'm surprised to see my rating isn't that low. Unfortunately, school does have an effect on it.

I've tried my best to become a good contributor on this site (you can be the judge on that). My goal is to teach everyone something that he/she never knew before (I think that I've succeded in this respect).

In conclusion, I hope to stick around and see where this site goes in the future. If possible, I'll be behind it all the way.

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Third Brilliancy Prize

Third Brilliancy Prize