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The French Defense is really an interesting opening.  Some players swear by it as black and some players swear they can refute it as white.  The game below is a nice example of the latter. I was privileged to play a rather strong opponent in the first round of an online tournament.  This game was played some time ago and quickly disappeared due to an archiving issue at the site.  Just recently I stumbled upon it.  To the best of my knowledge this is the first article published on it in at least 4 months. I sincerely hope you enjoy this game as much as I did.



This game shows quite clearly that the French Defense can be a very dangerous line for both sides. Those considering it as black must be careful which variations they play, being as some are liable to lead down slippery slopes from which the average player can simply not survive.  Those playing as white really need to take on an 'attacking' attitude by getting the job done before black has a chance to counterattack.  That said, the line is very interesting; any player who loves imbalances should take a closer look at the French Defense.




Come back next Friday for another article.  Next time I'll present a game where the French Defense is used properly... it's killer!



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