Do You Know the Classics?

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Classic: Of the first or highest quality, class, or rank; serving as a standard, model, or guide. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 05 Jan. 2010.

There are no precise criteria for defining the classics in chess. It would be a game or tits fragment (e.g. combinations, positional play and endgames). It would be played by outstanding chess players or it could be the masterpieces of little-known or unknown chess players. It could be from a major or minor competition.  From the aesthetic point of view, however, it does matter whether the game was played in a match for the chess crown or in a blitz tournament.

Alongside combinations by the leading lights of the game you will see equally brilliant examples of creativity from ordinary masters. And it should be noted that if,  alongside the works of champions, you find a combination not produced by famous chess players, you can be sure that it deserves to be there! Naturally, the games of World Champions and famous Grandmasters attract more attention to themselves; every one of their tactical operations is in the public eye!

Many of our contemporaries’ games will become classics, but we can only call a game a classic once it has withstood the test of time.

In this issue I want to share with you, my dear readers, some little known classic positions.  Though less know, they are very instructive. Remember guys, you can play a classic game as well; you do not need to be a famous or outstanding player!


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