Do You Know This Rare Chess Tactic?
Try to interfere.

Do You Know This Rare Chess Tactic?

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Some chess tactical ideas are very common. For example, I cannot imagine any experienced chess player who never had back-rank problems in his games.

Interference is pretty much at the opposite end of chess spectrum. Here is how Wikipedia describes it:

"In the game of chess, interference occurs when the line between an attacked piece and its defender is interrupted by sacrificially interposing a piece. It is a chess tactic which seldom arises, and is therefore often overlooked."

interference domino

Here is a simple example:

Wikipedia correctly mentions that this tactic is frequently overlooked. Look how a very strong Chinese grandmaster missed a chance to create his immortal game.

This combination is beautiful, but not that difficult to find. The real gem appears if Black refuses to capture the Be4. Can you find the winning move there?

Unfortunately Li Chao missed the combination and even lost the game!

The exquisite move 36. Qe6!! has its own great predecessor:

Here is another position for you to solve. What should White play?

You probably noticed that all the winning combinations that we analyzed today had something to do with the e6-square. Of course it could be just a coincidence, but who knows, maybe Tal chose this magic square for a reason!

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