DRAW. really??

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No. 1

Howdy All!

A while back I came across an interesting position in the June 1972 issue of Chess Digest Magazine.  In this particular position, the annotator Master Ken Smith claimed a draw.  I had a different opinion but sought to prove Mr. Smith correct.  I am publishing my own findings with the hope that some scrutiny from the community will come to some definite conclusion.  The position is as follows:


In all fairness, there are certain positions in which this position would be a draw, viz., when the king is too far to assist the queen.  However, the white king is close enough to help and the white queen has many vital squares at her disposal.  This is my analysis:  
As this analysis shows, white can win this endgame.  There doesn't seem that black can do much to stop the white queen.  White has plenty of useful responses in order to avoid perpetual.