| 10 | For Beginners

Okay I admit it, I have guilty pleasures. I like to eat ice cream in the middle of the knight, I secretly drink all of our Pepsi. But my biggest confession is that I love draws. Draws by repitition are better than winning at times. I just love messing with people. It's the ultimate physcological victory.

Sometimes I refuse to milk a winning position but instead force a draw. Yeah, I get lazy and then I don't care anymore, so I get a draw, it's an easy way out.



At other times, you just don't like the look of things, so you take the liberty of harassing the enemy queen using conditional moves. I think you should get points for being the one to force the draw, but that's okay. But still.................. you can't touch this(lights flash, I do my tap-dance (routine).

Okay, I screwed over on this one, so I resorted to semi-desperate measures (the musical kind too) and won, in a moral sense. Win a victory (my rook) but lose the war (he failed in his objective of winning and succeeded in my goal of getting a draw).






Well this is one of my draws that I had no control over, so awwwwwwww. It feels more like a bitter stalemate than a moral victory. Thats okay, but that e-pawn ghost still taunts me for letting it die.

Okay, in this game, I was in deep doo-doo. I was expecting defeat. But, somehow i managed to pull this one out from under poor Gasperoff.




Okay, I don't know how I messed up. It has something to do with me allowing him to take my pawns. Now I know what it's like ot be on the recieving end or a draw, but I guess what goes around comes around, (like a boomerang, BRILLIANT!, IN A SIX PACK!) There's a bud light commerical for this but I just van't find it. I will add it to my post when I can find it, so if anyone knows please tell me.Wink

Well since my games archive only goes so far, I guess this is the end of my post. Have a been boring you this whole time? have I really? I will let you decide for yourself. If you say yes, I will give you knightmaresCool. I spent so long on this, so any comments would be greatly appreciated. da_tornado out