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Here are some of the best references to endgames on the Web.

One of the best endgame engines on the web is the web query for the Nalimov Endgame Tablebases. It is limited to 6 pieces or less (including kings) but it is excellent at solving any endgame with 6 pieces or less. I have used it on dozens of my endgames that I have played throughout the years and was surprised at all the missed opportunities both sides missed in simple endgames. The link is located here:

If you are interested in classic chess chess endings by players, then check out the 150 endings (pgn format or ChessBase format) from The link is located here:

Practical chess endings with a computer analysis are found here:

Endgame lessons that you can view is located here:

A list of actual games you can view that leads to an endgame is found here:

(Just click on one of the endgame patterns, such as K+P vs K+P)

For a list of games that grandmasters have blundered in the endgame, go here:

For elementary endgames and endgames kids can study, go here:

A shareware program to study endgames and chess problems is here:

Some 150 endgames you can play through is located here:

Here is a link to some endgames for training:

Some basics for rook and pawn endgames are located here:

Here is a complete analysis of chess piece endings (no pawns)

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Bill Addison (1933-2008)

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