5 Things You Need For Real-World Chess

5 Things You Need For Real-World Chess

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We already know that you can take and its mobile app to play chess anywhere, but sometimes there’s nothing like playing on a real board with real pieces.

If you’re lucky, you can try your hand at giant bullet chess, but even if you don't have a giant chess set, you can still enjoy chess indoors and out with some high-quality equipment. 

This spring, has you covered with affordable and stylish chess gear.

You'd be surprised how many members are masters of the online board, but have barely played at all in three dimensions. At, our focus is online and mobile chess, but there's a place for real-life chess, too.

So what does every chess player need to enjoy the game with friends and family without a glowing rectangular screen? Here's a list of the essentials. 

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1. A Basic Chess Set

A vinyl chessboard is perfect for taking chess on the go. Many great players had their first competitive chess experience on this classic type of board. Of course, you'll also need a full set of pieces with extra queens. You can buy the set pictured above here -- board, pieces, carrying bag, a pen, and a sticker are included. 

2. A Chess Clock

Sure, you could just use the chess clock app on Android or iOS, turning your smartphone into a fully-featured chess clock that you always have in your pocket. That's great while traveling or for games on short notice, but for the ultimate chess set-up, you can't beat a dedicated chess clock.  

If you want to go really high-end, you can buy the amazing Chronos clock pictured above -- it's by far my favorite chess clock to use. But you can also get a nice digital clock without breaking the bank, and if you really want to go back to the old school of chess, you can even pick up a classic analog clock. 

3. A Bag

Once you've got your board, pieces, and clock, you need something to put them in while you travel from game to game. 

If you want to graduate to a container nicer than a repurposed grocery bag, you have a wide variety of options.

4. A Score Sheet

Classical chess tournaments require both players to keep score, but it's a good idea to write down your moves for all your games if you have time. Not only is this good practice for competitive chess; it also lets you analyze your own games later on. Don't miss the chance to relive your brilliant tactics or learn from your agonizing mistakes -- pick up some score sheets.

5. Clothing

From the privacy of your home, you're free to play on in your underwear or pajamas. But decency demands you dress appropriately if you go out in public to play. As long as you have to get dressed, why not show everyone you play at the world's best chess website?

Pick up a hoodie for brisk outdoor games or drafty tournament halls. Wear a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes as you calculate a winning line. If it's snowing and you still want to play, we've got a warm jacket for you. 

We're just scratching the surface, of course, of all the chess products you might want as you pursue your favorite hobby. But with the five items above, you can be well prepared for exciting chess action pretty much anywhere. 

What are your real-life chess essentials? Let us know in the comments. 

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