Even More Little Things To Help Your Chess Game

Even More Little Things To Help Your Chess Game‎

IM Silman
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Yes, I did another “Little Things” article (highlighting IM Cyrus Lakdawala again).

Why another? Because I think it’s very instructive. See (and understand) a ton of these and your chess IQ should skyrocket.

Once again, I am giving you another five puzzles. And, once again, do your best to solve them. Then look at the copious notes hiding behind the board. As always, if you fail to solve them, DO tweak that little “?” mark and all the goodies will fall at your feet.


The Sound of Black Knights Clopping


Principles by Lakdawala

Cyrus gives us principles:

  • When the opponent has the bishop pair, exchange one of them off.
  • Black’s king will be a lot safer with the removal of White’s best minor piece.
  • White is in danger of being left with a slightly bad reminding bishop.


You Are the Creator

Black has two bishops vs. White’s bishop and knight, so Cyrus wants to find a way to make the bishops more active. The answer is simple and strong.


Never Tell Yourself That You Can’t

White has a good position, and he played 14.Rfd1, which is a perfectly fine move (White eventually won). BUT... there was another idea which was even better.


Make Optimal Use of What You Have

It looks like White has a powerful attack. What would you do if you had the black pieces?

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