Exchange Theory

Exchange Theory

| 4 | Opening Theory

The exchange variation,This could refer to any number of openings and here i intend to explain them as well as i can.

I will divide them to four groups:

Boring & Symetrical

Interesting & Complex

Bishops and Knights


Section 1

The two openings covered here are:

The French

The Slav

The French Exchange is played with the following moves

1)e4 e6 2)d4 d5 3)exd5 exd5

The postion is identical leaving white only with the tempo which he can use in two main ways!


The aim is to collect an IPQ for development

but after 4)...c6 leaves us in a solid and uninteresting postion


Boring and conutining with devlopment both Bg4 and Nf6 are good for black


The Slav Exchange follows the same sort of


and is equally dull.

Use the diagram to understand,and see the move list.




As you can see these are dull whatever people say to the conterary!

So that is the first of my three articles,my next one will be on the exchange QGD and the exchange Caro-Kann

Thanks for reading