Exploring the King;s Gambits Part 1

Exploring the King;s Gambits Part 1‎

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7 | Opening Theory

This is the first in a series of articvles exploring a variety of lines in the King's Gambit. You'll see popular lines, rare lines, and outlandish experiments. Keep in mind that just because a gambit is "refuted" doesn't mean it can't hbave practical value as a surprise weapon.

The King's Gambit has a glorious history with lots of exciting battles. The game starts with an immediate confrontation in the center. White offers up the f-pawn, hoping to use the f-file for an attack. There are hundreds of variations and Black often tries to avoid complications by declining.

So enjoy our journey through King's Gambit territory. Perhaps you will find some ideas you cn use in your own games! Each article will feature a fairly random collection of lines that will eventually become a nook. Most of the openings were covered in my Gambit Chess Openings but have more analysis here and have the benefit of more advanced computer suggestions and a larger research database including more recent games.


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