Fast and furious - Draw under 30 moves

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In modern tournaments, rule about arranged draw games or to don’t play draw under 30 or even 40 moves is one of the most controversial, but it helped to improve fight spirit in chess players.

In last league, I played 1st board, and even in half of games I made draw, some of them are not typical fast draws. One of games like this was in last round of event. During some normal on the board chess tournament, except going to chit-chat with old friends, there is one very important point: “What I will play tomorrow?” When you are young, this simple question is reserved for person whom you call coach and this person have some magical possibilities to find the best ideas for you. But, in mine years, usually is typical to find this answer alone. But, as game start in “favorite” time for 99% of chess players, and it means in 10 am, thinking time over what to choose is not so impressive. After looking a bit in my opponent games, I decided to play 1.Nf3 and then attention is moved to packing things for travel. After 1 hour approximately, last mail checking before sleep and then it comes - idea for tomorrow. We have some regional chess mailing list, when each day we get new gossips in region, recent results from tournament and some nice games. By reading mail, I come to game section – and found what to play tomorrow. So, by the impression from game in newspaper, I played:

After the game we spend more then one hour in analyses what will be happen if game will be continue, but this analyze will wait for next time to see the light on sun. Funny fact is that after passing opening in normal conditions, fate of game decided in which kind of complicated endgame I will enter :D

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