Female Chess Players

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Addition: 2/16/08 

 So, I've been teaching more females to play - including my mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and potential future sisters-in-law.  This is especially useful in long visit with grandma - as she is not fluent in English and I am not fluent in Portuguese!


Although my dad taught me how to play chess when I was about 7, I only became a "serious" chess player about 3 months ago.  Mostly, I play here at, but I also frequent some other sites and I have just started attending live events.  I was at the Colorado Open on Labor Day weekend where, including myself, there were a grand total of three, THREE!!!, female players.  ACK!  C'mon sisters, where are you?!  I'm teaching my mom how to play, have a female neighbor here with whom I'm beginning to play, and I plan to host a chess birthday party for myself in the spring.   Thankfully, I have to say that at the live events I have attended, I haven't received any "Girls can't play chess," animosity.   So, c'mon women, get out there and play!