Fill Out Your Bracket To Win Prizes

Fill Out Your Bracket To Win Prizes

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The sports network ESPN estimates that 70 million college basketball brackets will be filled out this week in the United States alone.

You can get in on the fun by joining the official college basketball bracket contest. Play along with staff, and take your shot to win some great membership prizes, too.

Simply sign up for our free bracket group (Yahoo account required), and fill our your college basketball picks.

Earn bragging rights by outpointing staff members in the group. If your teams perform well, you can win a free premium membership.

How To Play:

1. Sign up for the group before Thursday.

It's free and requires a Yahoo account. 

2. Name your bracket entry.

Be sure to include your username in your bracket name.

3. Submit your picks before the tournament starts on Thursday.

Pick the winners of all 63 tournament games and don't forget the final-score tiebreak. 


Each round is worth 32 total points. The tournament has six rounds, so the perfect score is 192.

Here is the scoring breakdown round by round:

  • Round of 64 -- 1 point per win (32 games)
  • Round of 32 -- 2 points per win (16 games)
  • Round of 16 -- 4 points per win (8 games)
  • Round of 8 -- 8 points per win (4 games)
  • Round of 4 -- 16 points per win (2 games)
  • Championship game -- 32 points per win (1 game)
  • Tiebreak: championship game final score.


The (non-staff) members with the best scores after the tournament ends will win membership prizes.

  • First prize: one year diamond membership
  • Second prize: one year platinum membership
  • Third prize: one year gold membership
  • Fourth prize: three month diamond membership
  • Fifth prize: three month platinum membership

Who Is Playing:

Along with your fellow members, you can try to outfox some staff members too.

Here's a list of who's who in the group:

  • editor Pete
  • video editor Michael
  • PHP developer Ivan
  • PHP developer Michael
  • Android developer Alexey
  • director of engineering Jon
  • director of content Mike
  • co-founder Jay
  • vice president of content and professional relations Danny

Check Your Standings:

After the tournament starts, follow along for the next three weeks by checking the group standings. 

We will contact the prize winners at the end of the tournament.

Check Out Last Year's Bracket:

Watch IM Daniel Rensch, GM Robert Hess, FM Robby Adamson, and IM Greg Shahade pick last year's bracket.

Which team do you think will win the championship? And which staff member are you looking forward to outscoring?

Let us know in the comments and on Facebook.

Good luck, and have fun!


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