Finding Good Moves

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Finding good moves to play in a game is what we all strive for. Yet over and over we repeatedly make blunders and bad moves.

Finding good moves have been written about by the likes of Capablanca, Lasker, Tarrasch, Pachman, Kotov, Dvoresky and many others, but these all seam too complicated to me. Thats why I have come up with the ACTION moves for my students to use. These are steps that you have to memorize, but they are easy and will help you in your play.

The ACTION moves series:

(For every action there is a reaction)

1.CHECKS: A. Look to see if your king can be checked. If so, make sure you can escape. B. Look to see if you can check your opponent. If so, how will he react? Will you be able to check him again? What will he do then?

2.CAPTURES: Can you capture a piece for equal or better material? What will your opponent play after you capture his piece? Will you be able to check him after his play?

3.PIECE ATTACK: Can you attack any of his pieces? What will his reaction be? Will that allow you to check him then, or capture one of his pieces for free?

4.MATE THREAT: Can you threaten mate in one? (This has gotten me out of many perdicaments)

5.IMPROVEMENT: The above 4 steps will help you in identifing good moves, yet if you are unable to play any of the above, that means your pieces are either not developed or are not on good squares and you will need to improve the position of your piece before being able to find a good move. Remember, Bobby Fischer said; "Tactics flow from a superior position."

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