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GM vbhat
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Last week, I shared my best game from Seville. This time, I'll move on to my second tournament of the trip in Gibraltar (the GibTelecom Masters) and show my best game from there.

After a win in the first round, I had drawn my next 3 games against lower rated players (and I threw away some great positions along the way). However, in round 5, I played a nice game as black to net a full point, so I was hoping to build a winning streak with this game.

As in my game against Lemos from Seville, I faced an opening I have some experience with from the black side! Playing a relatively new line in this game, I got to show some creativity and unleash a brutal attack ...


Question 1: What would you play here for White after 15...Qxb2?

Question 2: How would you continue with the attack?


Question 3: Black is almost ready to bring up the reserves to defend - how do you not give him respite?


Question 4: And now Black has closed the dark squares. How should White keep the fire burning?



And here's the entire game in a single viewer:


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